Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DAWN a Journey to the beginning of the Solar system

Image: The Dawn Mission

Another Space Theology bookmark The Dawn Mission 

The educational WEB site patiently explaining the various aspects of the DAWN mission to students is another example of the kind generosity of NASA and Jet Propulsion Laboratories JPL towards the general public. The site has taken much work to complete from several people but now its there and anyone interested can benefit from it for free.

The rich pages designed for visitors with different backgrounds and interests include also an educational section with guidance to teachers, student reading, Power Point presentations, interactive model of the ion engine, other multimedia materials, links to additional information, and a well-designed page structure and hierarchy supporting it all.

Going through the materials will significantly raise our awareness of the goals of the DAWN mission and deepen our understanding of the technologies required in order to accomplish this mission impossible!

What a great use of Web technology!

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