Monday, December 26, 2011

Cosmic runaway train

Let us for once be honest to ourselves!

It is not nice, not nice at all, not knowing.

Even if we can do nothing about it knowing what is going to happen is so nice and gives us a kind of security. (Regardless of the truth of our knowledge - at least if we can convince ourselves that we know we feel better about it. So we pretend that we know... who cares!)

Take Death for example.

Your scientific mind "knows" that death is the end of everything and there is nothing after the death like those religions are suggesting. Back to energy and matter and particles to the never ending eternal cycle of existence. Dissolution of your mind which is just a feeble reflection somehow created in your brilliant mind, neural network of wires that fool you thinking you are something that can last beyond physical death.

Comfortable knowledge even if the disappearance of you may not be such an inspiring idea as those religious dreams of eternal existence!  At least you know - or pretend to know - and it gives you kind of security: "there is nothing anybody can do about it, at least for now, but at least I have a reasonable map of what will happen to me after I die."

Similarly, with our improved tools of observation we have learned from Edwin Hubble and Einstein and Co. that not only are those distant dusty spots galaxies not just spots of space dust as yesterday's scientists told us. No, they are galaxies much like our own, star islands, and there is an observable Red Shift that proves they are speeding faster and faster away an assumed point of origins with which it all began in a cosmic Big Bang; what we are watching are the bits and pieces of that bang flying away towards the limits of the universe.

Not that it makes much sense, that the entire universe began some 15 billion years ago in that Great Railway Station ready to start the trip of the existing Cosmos! Great Station that was actually an infinitely small dot... or something even before that where our science cannot reach.

How the cosmos could be in a dot nobody really knows but at least our observations have confirmed beyond doubt that we are flying away from such an assumed point.

But alas, knowing that was not enough for us.

It was not enough to abandon the old secure established scientific theory of universe that it is eternal, has always been and will always be. We knew that there is no beginning and no end so why not to leave it there?

We are so curious! We really wanted to know what is true so we built Hooker on Mt Wilson for that Mr Hubble to shake our security of knowing or pretending to know.

And now we are constructing even a bigger and better space telescope to replace the ageing Hubble (we = NASA and American tax payers) and they are planning to build that billion dollar Square Kilometre forest of antennas for the hugest radio telescope KAT-27 in South Africa or somewhere. All that money to satisfy our curiosity and to learn more about the Cosmos.

Would it not have been enough to know - or to pretend to know - that since there probably was a Big Bang and everything is now expanding as the Red Shift shows so perhaps gravity will one day bring it all back together to the first very condensed point, like a pendulum swinging back and forth, making the entire cosmos ready for its next cycle of universe n+1?

Everything being a kind of universal chewing gum ball?

Why do they have to study those Higgs particles and try to understand that basic force itself, gravity. It is not nice. We all know that when we drop the pen it falls to the floor. Why challenge our security?

And why did they have to observe that mathematical modelling of the cosmos suggest that there is unknown and hence dark energy and matter that is now supposed to be the big thing in the cosmos, not this visible stuff?


For now we find ourselves in a Cosmic Runaway Train with no breaks, no ability to do anything about it and - worst of all - NOT KNOWING where it is heading!

For if the acceleration of the expanding universe continues without good old gravity calling us all back to that original station we obviously will reach that feared speed limit of the cosmos, speed of light, and possibly go beyond it.

And nobody KNOWS what it is like out there, at those wrap speeds. Perhaps they know who already are there, inhabitants of the galaxy groups that have already reached beyond the speed limit.

But we are still here.

All we are about to die.

It would be so nice to know what happens after that.

Well, God of Israel has just told us that He makes new things. Improved things.

We do not know because He says they are beyond our comprehension.

So we just need to trust the only ONE who knows that things are going to get better.

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