Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hubble eXtreme Deep Field

Previous champion was Hubble Ultra Deep Field image 2004.
Taken towards constallation Forax
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The XDF project with the amazing picture is described in the Space Telescope Science Institute HST projects page.

Another Space Theology bookmark Extraordinary view of Universe
In the bookmarked article dated 6 September 2012 BBC Science correspondent Jonathan Amos writes interestingly (and in good English) about the Hubble Space Telescope eXtreme Deep Field project that has now released a deep space image.
It incorporates more than 2,000 separate exposures over 10 years using Hubble's two main cameras - the Advanced Camera for Surveys, installed by astronauts in 2002, and the Wide Field Camera 3, which was added to the observatory during its final servicing in 2009.
Jonathan Amos BBC
The purpose of the XDF project is to get an image that surpasses in depth the Hubble Ultra Deep Field composite photo shown above.

The UDF image "required 800 exposures taken over the course of 400 Hubble orbits around Earth. The total amount of exposure time was 11.3 days, taken between Sept. 24, 2003 and Jan. 16, 2004" (UDF news release).

Better than the XDF Hubble cannot!

The next instrument of observation that is expected to penetrate even more deeply towards the early days of the Universe is  James Webb Space Telescope that NASA schedules for launch in 2018.

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