Thursday, September 24, 2015

God or no God - so what?

A busy astronomer specializing on the highly exact mathematics and technology of research may find humanistic and theological soft talk about everything both useless and annoying. What simple admiration of sunset, praising the God of Israel as Creator of everything, having "musical ears" to hear the speech of the stars  has to do with seeking the truth out there?

When a Cosmologist takes to him or her the traditional role of the priests representing the ultimate truth about everything, it is time to ring alarm bells. For many top scientists tend to give the false impression that advancing research has proven there is no need for a God. This claim, of course, is no result of studying the Laws of Nature but rather a philosophical position influenced by many other things besides scientific knowledge about the secrets of the Universe.

Students of Ludwig Wittgenstein and others may well ask if we cannot pinpoint how God works in Nature nor even be sure about His existence so what meaning have this discussion? Why would it matter if God exists or does not exist as research progresses in blighting speed through advances in technology and theory formulation.

It matters very much

A Cosmologists who gives the impression that God has no role in the origins and evolution of space is actually an apostle of ancient scientific materialism à la Democritus the Atom man. Following the reasoning of his student Epicurus we can state that if galaxies are born, grouped and move spontaneously with no divine planning and guidance by Creator then so does also life upon Earth. This, of course, is the conclusion of many Cosmologists and Biologists spreading atheism in the name of science.

But if instead of automatic system the slightest movement of a subatomic particle in the Universe is known to its Creator? Is it not true that then His demand that humans should obey their Maker gets enormous depth. As moon follows the path set to it by God of Israel always shows the same side towards Earth why I and you do not always obey His will but go to our own paths?

As Lord Jesus taught us to pray

Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven

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