Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Moon: Manilius

"Crater Manilius". Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikipedia

Manilius Crater
Manilius is a lunar impact crater on the northeast edge of Mare Vaporum. Manilius has a well-defined rim with a sloping inner surface that runs directly down to the ring-shaped mound of scree along the base, and a small outer rampart. The small crater interior has a higher albedo than the surroundings, and it appears bright when the sun is overhead. Within the crater is a central peak formation near the midpoint. The crater also possesses a ray system that extends for a distance of over 300 kilometers.

Marcus Manilius
Marcus Manilius (fl. 1st century AD) was a Roman poet, astrologer, and author of a poem in five books called Astronomica.

The astrological systems of houses, linking human affairs with the circuit of the zodiac, have evolved over the centuries, but they make their first appearance in Astronomicon. The earliest datable surviving horoscope that uses houses in its interpretation is slightly earlier, c. 20 BC. Claudius Ptolemy (c. AD 130 - 170) almost completely ignored houses (Templa as Manlius calls them) in his astrological text, Tetrabiblos.

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