Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cosmic Godless Inclusion Zone (CGsIZ)

The Cosmic Godless Inclusion Zone (CGsIZ) invites with open arms all those who question or deny the existence or influence of any supernatural being on the real physical world. Perhaps such creations of human imagination have some role in social life and for individuals offering escape to those having problems in facing the hard facts of life.

Questioning or denying the existence of God is considered in this inclusion zone to be soooo cool and modern - and most importantly, the only proper realm of a truly scientific mind free from superstitions of the past.

How Science works?
The key in the scientific cosmic godless inclusion zone definition is the way how Science works.

Different branches of Science set the playground in which they attempt to solve specific questions and to offer explanations and predictions. The ground rules of the scientific game, regardless of what is being studied from Cosmology to Astrobiology to Mathematics or Astrophysics ... are set so that it is possible to verify the theory or hypothesis.

Verification methods vary greatly from purely logical to highly experimental but the axiomatic ground rule of the game is that science seeks answers to questions it can solve now or in the future.

The question "Does God exist?" is not in the realm of science and should not be considered as such.

Modern science does not accept any kind of deus ex machina i.e. divine intervention or influence of invisible spirits and personal powers as explanation to natural phenomena. In contrast to this, religions may and do explain phenomena in many different ways from traditional to innovative but this is not considered nor was ever in the past considered science.

It is true that ancient science was often permuted with Astrological beliefs and the influential power in stars on our existence. But at the same time there were attempts to categorize these traditions and to rationally explain these sky powers, leading scientific theories of those days. A prime example of this is the famed Ptolemy of Alexandria (90-168 AD) and his Tetrabiblos.

Today's scholars consider such attempts pre-scientific which is as good definition as any but Tetrabiblos shows the basic attempt of human reasoning that has since evolved into modern scientific inquiry.

How God works?
The fundamental error in both Atheism and Creationism - two sides of the same coin - is an assumption that religious people can by faith explain natural phenomena for example on the basis of the Bible or Koran.

Materialist gives an explanation that needs no supernatural intervention (what kind of intervention would that be exactly?)

Religious person offers Intelligent Design so obvious in the Nature as proff of God's supernatural intervention (how God works exactly?)

Is God needed?
For example, Stephen Hawking (1942) tries in his recent books to figure out whether or not God is necessary for understanding the existence of cosmos - a perfectly welcome theoretical and philosophical line of inquiry of highest Academic credentials in the Cosmic Godless Inclusion Zone (CGIZ).

However, there is a major hitch on the way of answering such a question.

For in order to determine is God needed or is everything product of impersonate processes according to laws of nature nobody has set, Stephen Hawking needs to know how God works. What exactly is the observable mechanism the invisible supernatural ONE uses in order to interact with His creation?

How does God feed the raven, as the Bible says:
He giveth to the beast his food and to the young ravens which cry.
Ps 147:9

Only when Hawking or others considering is God needed are able either to pinpoint the finger of God, explain the acts of God in nature for an affirmative answer or to explain things satisfactorily without obvious intervention by God for negative answer, is his answer a theory that can be verified in the real world.

As for today, nobody - and I repeat not a single human being - knows how God works.

Do we see God in action?
The same fundamental error affects rationalistic creationists (not so rarely former atheists) in their God Inclusion Zone (CGdIZ).  It is taken as an axiomatic fact that somehow we are able to see how God works in nature.

This is, of course, utter nonsense as the real God of Israel is hidden and seeing Him as He is would be lethal to humans.

Creationism mixes the fact that we are able to see the results of God's work in nature, the majesty and wisdom of what He has done and which is self-evident, with the claim that we can see how God works, His fundamental relation to the creation. 

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