Saturday, August 25, 2012

Atheistic materialistic evolutionism

The same simple schematic representation used in my previous post to describe religious and/or idealistic world view can be modified to show atheistic and/or materialistic world view.

The key point in this representation is that God is moved from heaven into matter by giving matter divine properties.

Atheistic materialistic evolutionism is one human philosophy affecting interpretations of scientific research. In this philosophy the existence of God is explicitly denied. What is left then is the real world of matter and energy, materialism, that in some wondrous ways goes on to produce the entire Cosmos, Universe or Multiverse, as well as complex life in it, us included.

Great efforts are made to explain natural phenomena and the birth and evolution of everything in a God exclusion zone where no supernatural beings or intelligence is assumed. The Big Questions of why anything exists or why there is evolution in the first place are left without answer.

Because this is how science, such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Mathematics work - trying to figure out things logically, experimentally, with critical evaluation of evidence, testing of theories... some people associate Atheism with Science. 

The difference is, however, that Science usually does not require and does not make far reaching Philosophical and Theological statements concerning the subject under study. It is highly focused and defines very clearly what is under research and what questions are under consideration as well as what methods and techniques are used to find answers to these questions.

However, an Atheist as well as a Christian, Jewish, Moslem or Buddhist believer, may suggest such broad Philosophical and Theological statements to explain the origins and evolution of the Universe or of Life.

Atheistic materialism, the projection of God and His divine attributes into matter and energy, has no greater claim for Scientific legitimacy than other world views held by individual scientists.

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