Monday, September 29, 2014

Energizer in Galaxy 3C 75

Two black holes near each other in 3C 75
It is quite difficult for us humans really to internalize the enormous energy sources discovered in deep space. The two merging galaxies known as 3C 75 have been known as a giant radio source. In this remarkable photo, captured radio waves are shown in pink and Röntgen rays emitting from the multimillion degrees hot surrounding gas are shown in blue. (APOD)

The photo is all the more amazing considering that these two galaxies are estimated to be some 300 million light years distance from us. A mere speck in the vast space not really visible to light capturing telescopes.

The two bright spots are the black holes in the hearts of the merging galaxies (black hole is a curious name as the matter around it radiates more brightly than stars!) The centers are estimated to be at 25.000 light years distance from each other. The two are moving together at 1200 kilometers per second the great speed causing the racing trails of radio waves.

This energizer is so enormous that it is truly something in astronomic scale!

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