Friday, November 6, 2015

Orbiter 10

Space exploration by flying up there is an essential force in the lightning speed advancement of modern Astronomy and Cosmology. However, understanding even elementary physics of space travel it is not all that easy. After all, it is rocket science.

Martin Schweiger's Orbiter space flight simulator is an excellent tool for learning what is involved in controlling real spacecraft or futuristic models. I have been a Microsoft Flight Simulator fan from the green wire frame times following how much effort the multi-billion company invested on that project (which is, alas, now over(. Against this background I was so surprised to discover what Martin has achieved in this wonderful hobby of his building and developing this amazing simulator.

Today I am one of the many beginners who have started to learn how to take off with the futuristic Delta glider spaceploane from Kennedy Space Center tarmac. Not easy but very educational!

To put it shortly. The initial reaction when I learned about the existence of Orbit 10 was:   Oh... !
And when I found true the user forum Dan Steph's add-ons to Orbiter 10 including sound my reaction was: Oh, wow!

All this wonderful space flight simulation material is offered as free downloads. Thank you very much Mark, Dan and all other developers contributing to the continuous development of Orbiter!

Image Orbiter 10 Gallery

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