Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cloud to Sun - Sun

Our example dark cloud Barnard 68 gets an internal ignition by collapsing together. It has been called "Stable starless core" - perhaps we might use for it the term "star embryo".

In order for this cloud to become a star, gravity must gain the upper hand long enough to cause the collapse of the cloud and reach a temperature and density where fusion can be sustained. When this happens, the much smaller size of the star's envelope signals a new balance between greatly increased gravity and radiation pressure.

So that's how it is done in God's creation!

According to our current knowledge the matter in a sparse and very cold cloud collapses and as hydrogen molecules come closer and closer to each other they are ignited into a nuclear fusion reaction. All in the name of balance, equilibrium!

More information about this written in accurate scientific language can be found in Redman, Matt P. "Oscillations in the stable starless core Barnard 68" astro-ph/0604056v1

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