Sunday, February 26, 2012

Evolution of Elements: from Hydrogen to Ununoctium

Periodic Table
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Hydrogen with a single proton and single electron is the simplest element with atomic number 1. Ununoctium is the heaviest known element with atomic number 118. It is highly unstable so perhaps the name really means "one night"!

Ununoctium is the temporary IUPAC name for the transactinide element having the atomic number 118 and temporary element symbol Uuo. It is also known as eka-radon or element 118, and on the periodic table of the elements it is a p-block element and the last one of the 7th period. Ununoctium is currently the only synthetic member of Group 18. It has the highest atomic number and highest atomic mass of all the elements discovered so far.

The radioactive ununoctium atom is very unstable, and since 2002, only three atoms (possibly four) of the isotope 294 Uuo have been detected. While this allowed for very little experimental characterization of its properties and possible compounds, theoretical calculations have resulted in many predictions, including some unexpected ones. For example, although ununoctium is a member of Group 18, it may possibly not be a noble gas, unlike all the other Group 18 elements. It was formerly thought to be a gas but is now predicted to be a solid under normal conditions due to relativistic effects

Evolution of Elements

God has apparently made the atom in such a way that it can only hold so many energy levels. This sets the upper limit for the atomic weight of matter as we know it.

Cosmology explains that most of the Universe contains hydrogen atoms and molecules. But for example on Earth natural hydrogen is rare.

According to current theory, the Sun is formed from the collapse of hydrogen molecule gas that ignites at 3 million Kelvin starting fusion in which helium is formed of hydrogen.

Around the rotating core fire ball in the hydrogen gas there is a planetary disk and it seems to me that heavier elements should be created in this disk.

If this is correct, we can then see the Periodic Table - the Grand Order of Matter - also in evolutionary terms: in the beginning of the time scale there is the simplest element hydrogen and at the end of the Evolution of Elements there are also the heaviest atoms.

It is not necessarily so linear as we might also imagine a more random explosion of the fundamental elements of atoms and molecules and wilder combinations taking place at the same time.

So what is going on?

How does Hydrogen grow into Uranium or highly unstable Ununoctium...


  1. Me Again... My illustrations show how the elements formed in the beginning. Look for Herman Dusty Rhodes on Facebook or hermandustyrhodes on Youtube.

  2. Hello, Herman! Thank you for your comment and reference to the presentation. There you replace Biblical "seven days of creation" with "seven periods of time" and provide (human, solar based) years to the history of the cosmos.

    I am sorry to say that in my opinion the presentation is not truthful in scientific or biblical aspects and twists both the reality of the nature and the reality of God's holy word.

    Herman, have you studied the history of astronomy? Surely you know that still in the 16th century AD humanity considered the entire Universe to be centred around Earth. Genesis 1 can only be understood correctly if we realize that it represents geocentric view of the cosmos.

    However, when we take both natural sciences and Bible seriously, the combination brings up very interesting fresh insight into both the Bible and our scientific endeavours.

    Be truthful. That is the only way forward.

  3. Mikko.. There is one thing that I have learned about God and he is not magic. God is super smart and I believe the laws that we observe today are the same laws that he used to create the universe and life with. I find it hard to believe that a tree can grow and produce fruit in 24 hours. The word "Day" in English has the same meaning as the word "Day" in Hebrew. "A PERIOD OF TIME"
    There’s all levels of people on the earth and each one thinks a little bit different. The book of Genesis is meant to be understood and I think that our generation is the first to be able to really understand it. Visit my Facebook album and you will see that there is no magic involved there. Each thing that happened has a reason to happen and it all came from a design of God.

    1. Hi!
      "The book of Genesis is meant to be understood and I think that our generation is the first to be able to really understand it."

      This is really so amazing about Genesis that it can be understood by a child and by a learned person, each in a bit different way.

      However, if God of Israel had written a handbook of Cosmos, our generation would not be able to understand it. Our science has only scratched the surface of reality and there is still so much to be learned about the great works of God.

      Such as the Periodic Table - how come, that putting one atom in the nucleus gives so different attributes than putting four similar pieces into it? Why hydrogen is different from carbon?

      The most uncharted part of the Universe is our own ability to study it. What is body, what is soul, what is spirit?