Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pondering Space Theology

Relativity of top science of today
Even without Mr Popper reminding us we instinctively know from the history of Science that Nature is more, much more, than what the humanity combined knows today. Tomorrow's scientists may look back at our times and see some bright lights but mostly annoying lack of knowledge, false theories and explanations, scientists missing the point and the general public being rather ignorant. Just as we look at the science of early 20th century which nevertheless paved the way to today's scientific achievements.

Astrotheology is conflict resolving
The history and development of religious and scientific world views are of greatest importance to humanity. The earthquake of Copernican revolution marks the beginning of modern scientific era - and flaming up of the battle between rationalism and religious faith. Astrotheology helps us to understand the discussions. There has been a civilization defining conflict between the first modern scientist, Galileo Galilei who based his opinions on observed reality and the dominant Catholic Church with plenty of earthly power with its dogmas claiming that for religious and philosophical reasons the Sun which is the perfect symbol of absolute God cannot and does not have any dark spots.

Astrotheology invites to serious study of natural sciences
It is so important that we take Nature seriously and as it is. It proclaims the glory and majesty of God in itself without our help. Not everyone sees or hears the hymn Creation is singing to its Maker but some do and join it and rejoice.

Because we want to take Nature seriously Astrotheology requires intensive study of the fast developing natural sciences from Mathematics and Nuclear Physics to the many branches of space sciences and technologies. This is not an easy task and even astronomers and cosmologists tend today to be experts only on selected fields since the amount of knowledge is so vast. But without at least a rudimentary knowledge of what natural scientists are talking about Astrotheology has no real content. On the bright side it must be said that space technology and research is among the most exciting branches of sciences today and the tsunami of new scientific discoveries not only challenges traditional faith in God but can also contributes to it in most positive way.

Truth is the key
Astrotheology is not a shortcut to knowledge through divine revelation in the Old Book.

Space theology examines Judeo-Christian faith systems but does not require faith. Atheist and Agnostic views of the origins and nature of the Universe must be analysed trying to understand the underpinnings in such world views.

There is no shortcut to truth and Truth is the key.

This seems so obvious and every Christian wants to be truthful - and yet, what mess it is out there, total lack of truthfulness religious people pursuing their goals regardless of facts!

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