Monday, July 2, 2012

Andromeda Galaxy M31 in Celestia

Hubble photo of Andromeda M31
See "The most amazing Universe pictures" webpage

For Your Information, if you have not noticed it yet, the Celestia software package contains a truly spectacular 3D model of Andromeda Galaxy Messier 31.

There are so many excellent photos of our "near" neighbour in the Local Group like the unrivalled Hubble image above.  Celestia does not give you quite the photo realism in it but something else - the program lets you approach the hazy cloud of billions of stars to understand the distance and location of it and to rotate the view in 3D space for better understanding of the structure of this magnificent celestial object.

All you need to do to see it is to download the program, run it, navigate to Andromeda with a click or two and start admiring the model of the Galaxy. Space travel was never so easy or cheap - for the wonderful Celestia program is free and it takes you Andromeda in considerably less time than the 2.5 million ly it takes light to travel from there to Earth.

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