Friday, April 20, 2012

In the Beginning

How could the ancients figure out the beginning of everything except by referring to something beginning that was familiar to them? Sexuality has a strong role in the origin myths of many nations exactly for this reason.

Modest ancient Finns believed - according to the epic poem Kalevala - that everything began from an egg of a pochard (Aythya ferina).

  ARKive photo - Common pochard eggs in the nest
Pochard nest

Not very scientific, we admit, but logical reasoning. All people have origins in a tiniest female egg but it is hidden in the womb. In contrast, we can wonder the birth of life in the hatching of an egg. Today very rare, pochard must have been an impressive bird in the beautiful nature of Finland.

Instead of a Primeval egg, modern Finns - like scientific people in the rest of the world - talk about a Primeval atom.

Science spares no effort in studying the amazing particle soup that was in it the beginning of everything.

Both the egg and the atom are still rather mysterious - there are many questions in the biological study of the genius of an egg.  Similarlym nuclear physics and other sciences have their questions in explaning the origin of atoms.

We are optimistic that we can solve all scientific problems given enough time.

But our amazing, almost divine, ability to figure out things has its limits. For example, we have little knowledge of a person before conception or after death.

Similarly, science recognises that it may never be able to describe the very beginning scientifically as it is something not from this world, so to say.

The very beginning is out of the reach of our empirical methods and leads to Philosophy and, yes, Theology.. what to do.

That's how it is.

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