Saturday, April 28, 2012

Question and answer chain

Let me explain the road map on the posts in the Space Theology blog.

Launch of chain reaction
The process is ignited when I ask a question, in this case I was my curiosity about the element next to hydrogen and helium, the impressive fuels burning in the stars.

In addition to what I had in mind and asked, the online dictionary wikipedia told me about lithium many other things that I had never known before in a way that was making sense to me.

The additional information relating to the making of lithium merged with what I have learned before about stellar physics and introduced to me many new significant concepts that help me to understand the world we live in.

As a theologian, all this new information is also source of joy and happiness as I can see how incredibly smart our Heavenly Father is, who has made all this with such enormous energy and power that is unimaginable.

The three blogs I wrote from Lithium on is thus a chain-reaction of learning.

As a result I have new conceptual tools that will be very helpful should I want to learn more about these things.

Process stops
But since my purpose is not to write a handbook on nucleosynthesis - there are many good ones already in the Web and in libraries even more - but to act as a tour guide pointing at interesting and important things, I do not do so.

LIFO pipe
Those following me in on these tours should start with me from the first question, which makes the consequent questions and answers meaningful in the following blogs.

These blogs have LIFO pipe structure - text last in is first out - so that the starting point is buried back in the stack of messages.

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