Monday, April 23, 2012

Gamma ray bursts upon Earth - chance or control?

Gamma-ray burst. Artist's view.
"Artist's illustration of one model of the bright gamma-ray burst GRB 080319B. The explosion is highly beamed into two bipolar jets, with a narrow inner jet surrounded by a wider outer jet. NASA"

Several mass extinctions have taken place during the history of life upon Earth. Scientific discussion on the possible effects of Eta Carinae exploding as a supernova or hypernova so near to us, only 7500 ly, helps us to understand current theories on how the extinctions may have happened.

The end of the Mesozoic era when the asteroid hit Yucatan myBlog is a well known and visually spectacular theory that has inspired several Hollywood movies.

A more quiet death caused by invisible radiation hitting Earth from some stellar source is less spectacular but not less deadly. After the early deaths of Marie and Pierre Curie studying radioactivity, seeing the victims of Hiroshima, Nagasaki decades after the explosions in August 1945, humans in general are well aware of the possible effects of gamma radiation on organic life. We understand that even the genes carrying the Book of Life can be affected and gamma rays affect the future of all organic life upon planet Earth.

Chance or control?
A materialist will, of course, think that such events are random in the universe and the effects on Earth are not determined in anyway.

A believer will, of course, think that good God and not some impersonal matter/energy force is in control of also such events and that their occurrence and impact on Earth are in accurate control.

Astronomy, cosmology or any other branch of natural sciences cannot decide which one is the correct view. It is not a question to which science can give an answer. However, natural sciences cannot study the acts of God using Him as an explanation.

So if science cannot argue on divine intervention and natural sciences must limit themselves on studying what can be studied, what is the point of the theological view?

The point is quite significant.

A person adopting materialistic view that gamma ray bursts are random events with no-one in control have a different view of the world than a person, who trusts that God of Israel is in control of absolutely everything.

He has made a number of good Laws of Nature, so why not let them to work as intended?

But when intervention is required from God, why would He not intervene?

Excellent outcome
My main argument for the view that Gamma ray bursts upon Earth are strictly controlled is the excellent outcome of the massive extinctions they have caused.

Excellent to whom?

Well, the trilobites may not be too happy or other Paleozoic life-forms that had their time of living and then came the time to die.

Also, we might assume that the Raptors - if they were that intelligent - did not like to die when their turn came at the end of Mesozoic.

But we, the rulers of the world today, are starting to understand that the evolution of life upon Earth is indeed punctuated equilibrium and for us, the final outcome of deadly GRB and mass extinctions is excellent.

It is our world now.

When it comes our turn to die and to become extinct on Earth, well, God has some plans for that too.

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