Saturday, April 14, 2012

Professor James B. Kaler - Books on Astronomy

Professor James B. Kaler has published several books on Astronomy and many of them have been translated to other languages, as well, showing the public interest on them.
His style of writing is catchy, entertaining and expert as can be seen from a title such as Heaven's Touch: From Killer Stars to the Seeds of Life, How We Are Connected to Universe (Google books)

The following list is based on the web page in STARS

Astronomy! Harper Collins, New York, 1994.
Astronomy: Earth, Sky and Planets. Recorded Books, Prince Frederick, MD,2003.
Astronomy: Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe. Recorded Books, Prince Frederick, MD,2004.
Cosmic Clouds: Birth, Death, and Recycling in the Galaxy. Scientific American Library, Freeman, New York, 1997.
Elements of the Universe: An Astronomical and Geological Study of the Heavens and Earth. Sarah Kennedy-Coleman and James B. Kaler. Jensan Scientific. (Kit)
Extreme Stars. At the edge of Creation. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2001.
Heaven's Touch: From Killer Stars to the Seeds of Life, How We Are Connected to Universe Princeton University Press, Princeton, 2009.
Heavens Above: Stars, Constellations, and the Sky. Recorded Books, Prince Frederick, MD,2007.
Principles of Astronomy. A Short Version. Stanley P.Wyatt and James B. Kaler. Allyn and Bacon, Inc., Boston, 2nd ed. 1981.
Stars and their Spectra. An Introduction to the Spectral Sequence. Second ed. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2011.
The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Stars. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2006.
The Ever-Changing Sky: A Guide to the Celestial Sphere. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1996. (paperback 2002)
The Hundred Greatest Stars. Copernicus Books, New York, 2002.
The Little Book of Stars. Copernicus Books, New York, 2001.
Vault of the Heavens: Exploring the Solar System's Place in the Universe. Barnes and Noble, New York, 2004.

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